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About Us

Interplus Limited is a leading supplier of safes in East Africa. We supply safes suitable for Banks, Financial institutions, office, hotel and Home use.
INTERPLUS was registered on 21st May, 1997 as partnership namely Interplus Enterprises fully owned by indigenous Kenyans under business registration No. 264606 and was later incorporated in August 2004 as Private Limited Company Registration No C.111509, now INTERPLUS LIMITED.

We now supply the most preferred range of safes and Vault Doors available in Kenya. It is our holistic approach to client's demands that has enabled the company become the market leader in this specialized field. Our sales volumes enabled us to procure directly from the manufactures after a very rigorous vetting thus ensuring you the best prices in East Africa and the fastest delivery time. Our great success has led to unrivaled buying power which in turn translates into great savings for our customers

Our clientele include Financial Institutions,Saccos , Private Companies, Government Departments and Individuals.
Our staffs are professionally trained and highly qualified, ensuring the success of any project undertaken. This guarantees you aftersales service after the expiry of the 3 year warranty period.

"We believe in making our clients our most priced asset " - Interplus Limited

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