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Data Safes

Fireproof Data Safes are specifically designed to store not just paperwork and documents, but also vital and irreplaceable computer media and back-ups, such as Flash Disks, CDs,DVDs and Hard drives,they offer greater protection from fire than fireproof document safes, as they maintain a temperature of 52°C or less for a specified time period.
BS-T310 BS-T360 BS-T500
BDS-370 BDS-610 BDS-750


Product Dimensions
Model No. Outside
HxWxD (mm)
HxWxD (mm)
Weight Capacity Shelf
BDS-D340 / T-340 350x435x370 134x232x130 47kg/103lbs 4.0l 0
BDS-D370 / T-370 360x483x400 112x252x194 64kg/141lbs 5.5l 0
BDS-D510/ T-510 500x345x400 250x112x194 64kg/141lbs 5.5l 1pc
BDS-D610 / T-610 610x450x460 316x216x200 97kg/213lbs 13.7l 1pc
BDS-D670 / T-670 670x500x470 358x250x200 120kg/264lbs 17.9l 1pc
BDS-D750 / T-750 750x530x510 428x241x218 161kg/354lbs 22.5l 2pc
BDS-D880 / T-880 880x590x510 554x334x241 205kg/451lbs 44.6l 2pc
BDS-D1000 / T-1000 1000x600x535 664x334x241 242kg/532lbs 54.1l 3pc
BDS-D1200/ T-1200 1200x700x635 833x418x344 328kg/722lbs 119.8l 4pc
BDS-D1400 / T-1400 1400x700x635 1033x418x344 399kg/878lbs 148.5l 5pc
BDS-D1600 / T-1600 1600x800x635 1231x516x344 505kg/1111lbs 218.5l 6pc
BDS-D1700 / T-1700 1700x800x635 1331x516x344 584kg/1285lbs 236.3l 7pc

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